Stupid son birthday celebration

Once there was a garden outside, a local richest man, to climb right to attach expensive, the use of their second daughter, married to a stupid son of a high official of the capital.That day, Ms. Zhang suddenly remembered his mother’s birthday is coming, in any case, this new first birthday after marriage, he will have to go back to her husband led it appeared dew.In order to disgrace when not too much, she gave a stupid son four silver ingots, let him learn to speak out.I mean let that silly guy with the money to make money for the journey, take a turn to go out, listen to people is how to use language to communicate with each other. Ever since, stupid son was alone and hit the road.He followed a road west front of the house to go, do not go far, encountered a small forest, inside there are many sparrows twitter barking.Suddenly, a chicken hawk fleeing into the woods, scared to call out those sparrows suddenly stopped.At this time, there was a poor scholar just passing through, recalling the tragic, head wagging, he exclaimed: A bird into the forest, birds Qi dumb. A stupid son, I feel good this sentence, asked what poor scholar just said, can not say it again so that he could hear clearly point.Being penniless poor scholar, but also stomach rumbling with hunger whining, how can spare time and his nonsense, so they let stupid son impatiently while at ease.Stupid people there Folly, stupid son Naken stop there, he deftly pulled out a large silver ingots from the arms, generously poor scholar said: If you put that sentence just taught me that this gold is yours. See the piece of shiny silver things, poor scholar shining eyes, I thought: do not hit the gas when really go to get up early, this fall is to be the old saying goes, be careful not to let go and stumbled threshold, then get up picking up a gold ingot.Then the poor scholar will immediately become a nice indefatigable, he patiently taught over and over again with the big fool, fool the sentence until that good things will be completely back memorize before gratefully took the silver bullion away. Stupid son walked down the road, walked for about ten minutes, is a river blocked the road.This river is ten feet wide, there is no bridge above, only hobble around a tree trunk is not very thick, for the use of pedestrians.Stupid son looked at the surging river, feel dizzy, I did not dare too.At this time, it happened over a pedestrian, his eyes staring at the river, hesitated a long time before ventured, waddled stepping Flanagan tree trunk across the river and over, himself laments: hard-line single-plank bridge. Silly son think this sentence is also full of interesting, high-throat then big voice shouting to let that person will leave a sentence punch line.Pedestrians simply their way, are they too lazy to care for him.Seeing the hand of ducks will fly away, stupid son Jizhongshengzhi, took out a gold ingot, shining across the river that is about to leave in a hurry back to vote in the past.It flew over the river impartial nuisance right on the back of the head of pedestrians, the man stopped, clutching his smashed just played big bag was about to attack, he turned to see the big pie fall from the sky, the moment they forget the pain.Nothing, reap, and he smiled when the money tucked also open Chrysostom, points made of jade. Apprenticeship so smooth, silly smug son, he walked downstream along the riverbank.Go little while later, saw large areas of wheat fields, wheat fields are flowering, just watered fields upon exposure to strong sunlight, cracked many big hole.At this time, a idlers strolled here, improvised a common saying: Puff flower bloom on top, underneath a big crack open. Given the experience of the previous two, stupid son not hesitate to offer the first full wages before the request, of course, it is willing to do it effortlessly. And walked a few steps, silly old son met a farmer pulling donkeys in a walk, led by the nose of the donkey that was seen on the sandy river bank, then stopped, lying on the ground legs toward heaven to play played a roll, farmer exclaimed: donkey sky.Stupid son still play by the rules, go out and buy good words. Out less than an hour, stupid son spent all her silver, with gold and learned four precious words, he consciously come to a successful, happy ha ha will go home. Suddenly, Mrs. Chang’s birthday to.That day, Zhang palace filled with visitors, guests clouds, when the second lady led silly son arrived, the spacious hall has been full of people.Guests are local celebrities and rich soil, we are familiar with each other enough, some affectionate chatted in small groups to get together, and some waved Baoquan cried the person’s name or title away with compliments, hear master of ceremonies Miss two, two to Uncle!Duanhe bang, all of them quiet.Because people often heard Zhang Yuan brag about how he climbed outside the door a good marriage, the big guys like to see this capital to the new law is how the scenery. Stupid son see everyone stopped noisy, stare together, they learn to look like a poor scholar, waving fans, shaking his head and said: A bird into the forest, birds Qi dumb.Which erupted in the full house of people all to overawed, people thought: people still King’s son to officials of foreign big knowledge, look at this saying is much more decent, and more authentic, more than a level.Zhang old couple sitting in the classroom and her husband followed behind second lady full of joy, I feel stupid son gave them a long light. Soon it will be time to open the feast, several lifts, this classic is still a little dissatisfied with the tone of the banquet, they think occasionally say a few words or a sufficient level, then, is not really a great accomplishment, so he quietly good discussion to test the stupid son whether there is genuine talent, we do not pay attention when they take advantage of secretly took the other side of a chopstick, see how he deal with this embarrassing scene. I saw the stupid son calmly picked up the rest of the bird chopsticks, imitating the movement of pedestrians when crossing the river, raised his arms swinging side of his mouth: hard-line single-plank bridge. Dude, really very wonderful, classic flew several lifts stupid son of awe, but also admiration body cast, they rushed to the silly son an apology, and give it a bird chopsticks. At this point, as the master of ceremonies Missy, to a large Uncle!The yell from afar Miss Zhang Jiada first appeared, she dolled herself up, shiny, head pearl jewels, flowers body, a little eager to dart forward and Meet the long-lost parents.  Now or never, silly son think what should play an active role themselves, and they use that tone of idlers Guaishengguaiqi forced her children shouted: Puff flower bloom on top, underneath a big crack open. And all of your relatives and friends were stunned by this sudden scene, but we soon pondering over, then burst into laughter bursts emit a deafening sound, he is happily ready to accept the worship of a baby daughter Mrs. Chang, angry shouting ass from sitting straight-backed chair on the ground, face toward the earth will fall down, the guests saw that something will invariably suddenly stopped laughing.However, the stupid son but lost no time and replaced the farmer-style coarse voice shouted: donkey sky.