Death call of blood jade pendant

Blood jade legend Teri is Phoenix resident, she grew up in grew up here, their parents do business with a company culture.When she was 24 years old, he met top students at Harvard psychology West, two people married in mid-2006.After marriage, Terri’s parents will take care of the company to the West, a nice and happy family.However, happiness abrupt end in early summer 2008, West became very busy, very few home, the old company employee told Teri, West and newly recruited secretary honey Buddhist children hobnobbing two travel with personal time, or even stay in a room.For a time, the feelings of the couple dropped to the freezing point.Teri West, no question, because it was also the home of some trouble.Terri’s parents met in newly purchased villa in a ghost event, frightened old man, physical condition worsened.At the end of 2009, Terri’s parents, with the assistance of the West, conducted a number of psychological counseling, still can not get rid of fear, they have been diagnosed as mentally ill, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital.Probably that his wife suddenly lost two of the world’s most intimate person, the attitude of Terry West has improved, it again becomes attentive, and even take the time, and his wife went to Miami Beach for a week of relaxing beautiful s holiday.This makes Teri more hesitant, questioning whether all between husband and secretary.One day in June 2010, the West from New York phoned his wife to look for a contract in the study documentary film drawer.Teri turned the car, drove to the direction of home.Teri drawer in the study’s finding that contract at the same time, she also found a piece of green jade pendant, a single auction and auction houses.Auction documents show, this pendant is the West in November 2009, he spent forty thousand dollars to take in auction.Obviously, this is a gift of love to give, West but never told his wife that he had purchased a jade pendant and other jewelry.It makes Teri some trance, her thoughts flew to honey Buddha children there, is it, this is a gift to a lover West?Teri forced to put aside the mystery of the heart, she would pendant hanging in his neck, she wants to use this way, a silent warning to the West, hoping her husband will own weight.June 18, West home, has successfully signed a contract, which is not a small business, he invited employees and friends to celebrate at home.When he saw Teri jade pendant on his neck, his eyes flashing somewhat, but he still gave his wife a hug.Terri’s cooking notoriously good, from time to time someone got into the kitchen to ask today what food can taste.Culture of older employees Turkoglu, excitedly poked his head into the kitchen, his eyes swept away, saw a jade pendant worn by Teri.He grew softly whispered one, Teri alert to know what to ask Turkoglu in the end.Ihsanoglu said a low voice: I see this piece of jade pendant familiar, like honey before Dover also has a.This made Terri’s body startled, her guess was accurate, this is the West had a lover’s gift.Honey Buddha children do?Teri asked, Turkoglu said with some confusion: honey Buddha child died, died very strange!Then he turned and left the kitchen panic.With full of thoughts, Terri greeted the guests were ready to start the party food, at this moment, a good friend of West Reeves came in a hurry, he sat down across from Teri, he suddenly taking a fresh, Teri began to ask: can I resell your pendant, I am willing to pay a big price.Teri smiled and shook his head replaced, and soon, awkward atmosphere was cheerful celebration of sound.The next morning, Teri Reeves received a phone.Teri Reeves reminded her wearing the piece of jade pendant, jade is a piece of blood.If Terry does not want to sell, it’s best to take down the collection to avoid experiencing strange things.Teri is very confused, she knew Reeves was collectors and honest, she suddenly remembered, West at the end of last year, bought some books on jade collection also studied over a period of time.At that time, Teri thought it was a documentary or a new company to do the book, there is no questioning.Soon, Teri from the book will find an explanation of blood jade, for the record, was originally on good blood jade jade, past people believed that jade is to cool things, can protect the body does not rot.And contacting the dead due to the long, some of the good will be eroded dead jade fine blood in long years, the formation of blood in the shape of the pattern Jade.This will be tainted with evil jade, jade is known as blood, if someone wearing it, it will be slowly sucked blood, people will become weak, and jade is more red.The book also tries to explain the unique blood jade jade itself is a mineral with a scientific theory, which contains a lot of chemical elements.The mere mention of blood in the gradual emergence of jade, the material is a chemical reaction caused by this chemical reaction, may bring harm to the human body.Teri went before the mirror and looked into his chest pendant.Sure enough, she found, among green jade pendant appeared a glimmer of tiny dark red color, the white chest, is very loud.Death struck in the evening, West brought a gray-haired old man Daimler, he told his wife, Daimler is to acquire jade pendant.Daimler will first ask Teri pendant removed, and then holding a magnifying glass carefully watched, he quoted a price of $ 5,000.Daimler is determined that this is a blood jade, dare so hard to lower prices.Teri was later rejected, Daimler mysterious smile: Wait until you want to get into trouble shot, the prices are not.After the Daimler away, some restless West, West lit a cigarette, smoked the last one, he said it would mind.As Teri inference, West and honey Buddha children have had an affair.This pendant is both captured in an auction.Since wearing a jade pendant, honey Buddha otherwise healthy child’s body become weaker, at the end of 2009, honey Buddha bizarre child dead at home.Valentine’s death, the West wake up, check after reading a lot of information, he discovered the secret of blood jade, to commemorate the Buddha honey child, he put the blood jade in a drawer, I did not expect his wife to be found.West seize Terri’s hand and said: I’m sorry for you, do not want you out of any accident, I can not afford to lose your strike!Terri’s heart softened, she then said: I decided to stay at home pendant, but I will not wear.July 2, 2010, West came home from work and found Terry lying on the cold floor, her complexion sallow, the whole person in a coma.West hurriedly carried her to the sofa, gently shouted his wife’s name, a long time, Teri woke up, she fell into great fear among.Although the pendant was incorporated into her drawer, but her physical condition is in decline, formerly energetic Teri began to feel weak and tired in the morning and the afternoon will be dizzy.The most frightening is that Teri often have the feeling of suffocation and shock soon.West hastily contacted Daimler, the other party may take the opportunity to raise $ 1,000 purchase price, Teri tolerate this trouble, she suggested that West will hide pendant office.The West jade pendant lock into a special small box, and then into the company’s safe, but, strange things happened.A few days later, West again found Teri unconscious in the living room, the twilight, the whole house is full of strange atmosphere.He sent his wife away from the nearest hospital, after some examination, the doctor told them, Teri just excessive physical weakness, the doctor also asked whether Teri excessive menstruation, or suffered trauma, excessive bleeding and some symptoms.On the way home, West and Terry looked at each other, they also remembered the blood jade legend.