With the most beautiful melodies playing life movement

Gannan Normal University participated in 76 art classes for the first time 40-year class reunion from Ganzhou back to Shanghai less than a month, received Wangchang Kui students sent me a letter through media coverage and micro screenshots.He told us invited to participate in the Shenzhen Guesthouse – held in 2016, “the seventh Hakka Cultural Forum” and playing piano by his fame in the creation of “Love Hakka Chinese Dream” party “call.”.Passion Play Professor Wang reports describe shook each listener’s mind, so that people of Hakka music, Hakka cultural heritage and innovation with real feelings.CCTV CCTV3 channel live recording, will soon meet with the majority of the audience.The big news immediately raged in the students micro-channel group, everyone rushed to congratulate him thumbs up.      ”Calling” is a collision of a Chinese and Western works of ancient Hakka folk songs and modern Western musical tone piano.The use of piano Jiangxi Hakka music clip creation.In the first interpolation unit, gentle enough Adagio music, romantic and poetic, similar to the European style of triplets serenade piano accompaniment, integration of modern musical elements, the Hakka folk songs in the down slightly melancholy mood performance thoroughly, homesickness arises spontaneously.The second part is inserted a second theme is the subject of a new image of Shenzhen, trying to show the majestic magnificence of surging passion of Shenzhen scenes of life, highlights the powerful trend of the times and the atmosphere of the march, DC, be tolerant to diversity of mind, like a sincere sound call.      Wang Changkui students is the Jiangxi rejuvenating people, born in 1955 in mid-March, 1979, Gannan Normal University music graduate, 1980 –1986 mid Jiangxi Jinggangshan Branch of the Department of Music Teachers, Gian Normal (now Jinggangshan University) to teach, 1987 – mid-1996, Baoding, Hebei Academy of Music Lecturer, head of the department, associate professor, 1996–2016 teach in Shenzhen University, deputy director of the Art Institute of the Arts Department of Education either, now a professor at Teachers College Department of Music, Master instructor.China Musicians Association, China Society of Music Education, executive director of the National Piano Grading senior judges.2015 “China International Piano Festival at the National Piano Competition” finals judges, the fifth “Wiesbaden International Piano Competition” Asia semifinals judges, “National Music Education Papers Speech Contest” final judge, “Guangdong provincial Department of Education named the first outstanding master’s thesis “Essays on Music Studies chief judge.And Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University Professor.      Wang Changkui music publishing 10 books, representative of “Chinese piano music culture” for the Ministry of Education, Social Science Center key projects, some colleges and universities nationwide music graduate program references; published 68 papers, 6 papers won national awards; published musical works more than 30 articles, four provincial Class Award, hosted and participated in three national music research projects, the provincial one, two university.Guide students to participate in domestic and international choir competitions, award-winning piano competitions, she won the Excellence Award for the guidance of the piano, the National Award for outstanding command.      I Wangchang Kui and fellow students of the art department, when in March 1977 into the school of music, art had to learn, freshman second semester we separated, he entered the music class, I studied at art classes.And after no dealings.Because he only heard good talent plus especially hard, particularly high regard for his teacher and love.As for his later development and I knew nothing about the whereabouts of.      Fast forward past thirty-six years, since college students micro-channel group established last year, as we provide an information, emotional exchange platform.I moved to Shanghai after retirement, taking on the necessary household chores and take care of one pair of grandchildren, but the dead of night, like Zi, to write essays, prose, etc..Especially when Chinese prose network publish my essay, I will promptly send a letter to the micro-group, we hope to share its fruits of my labor and classmates.Initially the students after reading my article, are surprised, a top student in art class, my classmates gave me the nickname “master sketch” While at university, also wrote the original article so beautiful.They naturally have thumbs.Micro-channel animation, static bright colorful picture thumbs.However, every time Wang Changkui students but there will always be some reviews and reflections, such as touching your article, writing is amazing; you are a genius in our class; you can based on long-term basic education jobs, and the little things to the extreme, becoming the provincial discipline lead people, and so it is not easy.Text more or less, always give me a warm and moving.      I pay attention to the micro-channel group observed that, as long as the students publish works, there is a good text production, big happy event, Wang Changkui will praise and evaluation at the first time point, without exception,.His behavior to my initial gut feeling is that this person is very high emotional intelligence, certainly extraordinary, it is a worthy distant friends.I began to recommend some good articles to share with him and a short speech on the Internet, there are topics talk about life, talk about retirement, about art, about family.No matter how busy he was, able to respond, easy for her, great intersection hate the feeling of late.Although we have not met, but over time, due to the tacit understanding between each other of Taking exchange, established a profound friendship.      In October students of his alma mater for 40 years can be described as the first poly grand and warm, so that everyone leave an unforgettable imprint.Wang Changkui student is a member of the preparatory group of the party, took classes taught to sing songs, rehearsing, directing, recording, and other tasks symposium keynote speaker, busy is indispensable.However, he always said, I was honored to work for the students.      The reunions most unique artistic classes is 76 songs of Gannan Normal University shows that when we are hoping singing their own songs class collective creation of the leadership to his alma mater, teachers, alumni, all of us here whom infection and moved.Music, Academy of Fine Arts of old and new leadership emotion, said, “You with the creation, singing the song in the form of class express gratitude to his alma mater, to create a precedent NORMAL previous reunions, this feat will go down in history loaded Normal School History”.      As a class song set planning, creative, director-in-one Wang Changkui students put a lot of effort and energy, and I’m one of the participants experience the class song came out process, strongly felt Wangchang Kui noble charisma.      When Wang Changkui initiative to create scheduling reunions song preparatory group to get a response, he strongly recommended I write lyrics, I have never written lyrics, the music is also little knowledge.In nearly a month of classes song lyric writing, I spent a tremendous effort, several drafts, always to no avail, several shirk.Common sense, Wang Changkui can appoint another or others in my first draft can be modified on the basis of.However, he has repeatedly backed cheer for me, I inspire confidence, comfort I do not have to worry, and patiently explained to me the lyrics of knowledge, while we are all exhausted in a micro letter exchange.The last class song lyrics focus on a strong collective wisdom after the launch, Wang Changkui for it to music.This oblige his character, so much I moved.      Let alma mater leadership in the gathering of students, teachers, and we are most impressed that the students Wangchang Kui is a righteous person.Sincere in his keynote speech on the forum.The all-powerful at the university pulpit old professor, the face of its old leader and mentor, and I feel very excited.He said to himself prior written outline script remarked, very carefully, talking about.He spent eight “most” to express their alma mater, the teacher’s love Thanksgiving, he said: “The department arranged for me as a professional Choir Music Department.Conductor, composer, piano practice activities gave the opportunity to me, and presentations on Professor Liu taught me alone and acoustic composer and improvisational piano accompaniment, I really focus on training the department to take care of me too, very grateful!I am a member of the management to learn piano, piano were blessed with the teacher, the whole system on my practicing time most abundant, more than practicing seasons, simple piano and even the ceiling are not, no fans, often shirtless summer training battle Qin.Normal study a few years, the most important thing is to learn the art of music-oriented learning, we learned a pioneering spirit, perseverance, spirit of independent innovation and academic.”Reading between the lines are full of truth and deep gratitude.When expressed gratitude for the former teacher Xiong Xiaoming teacher, she earnestly said: “I remember, bears teachers often remind me, do not you proud ah, you have to work more than play the piano.I apologize to the old school on the spot, taking up time students, because every time a bear teacher gave me piano lessons, always give me more time.Now I want to say, if there is no teacher had stringent requirements, special care and gentle reminder, I would not have artistic achievement today. “.His speech won applause and cheers everyone.He played piano with live “call” we return.      By gathering just two days of contacts and exchanges, we find Wang Changkui students open-minded and sincere man, careful to do things rigorous, meticulous,.On the other hand he was a straightforward, optimistic, lively person, he was energetic, affectionate, learned humility, caring.You see him mad at the banquet cute, face surprise reunion of state students, relaxation and freedom of movement when naughty, look just like an old urchin appearance.However, it is such a mild-mannered fellow, he repeatedly on the people of Shenzhen Stadium directing choir students sang deep, frequent in the city, province and the country held a concert piano performances, art lectures, Hakka culture as the guest of honor at the festival.      For decades, he taught students graduate with over throughout the country in various provinces to urban areas, due to his carefully cultivated, graduate students, most important task.But also because of his focus on shaping students’ character and set an example and serve as role models, and students to establish a deep feeling, whenever the holidays, students will travel to visit relatives to visit deep teacher.Teacher travel, meetings or to visit relatives, local students will be sent to usher.Not long ago, when the former star pupil taught at the School of Baoding, Hebei Charlie and Zijuan, in order to express gratitude to Wang’s, take the opportunity to start their own media company opened in Shenzhen, Wang held Thanksgiving Concert.      Although Wang Changkui classmates have retired, but still based on the heritage of the Hakka culture, excavation and research work yesterday, she found out that he was invited to lecture graduate students deep Art Institute, students are all proud and happy for him.During the piano playing is certainly indispensable, my heart silently thinking, he not only played out with the most beautiful melodies like “call” popular music works on the art scene in this way, but more importantly he is sincere, love and play in life playing a life on the stage of the beautiful music.      Xie Chen