Steal the division Winsor

Between the Ming Yongle One day a young man came Haizhou twenties, thick eyebrows, Bangdayaoyuan.Opening his boxing in the streets, tiger style.And other spectators attracted big help, he self-reported Name: Dingsheng Qiang, alone, against tyranny muscle strain ancestral plaster of living.He took a few plaster, said free trial.  However, no one try his plaster.Spectators who are watching a girl.The girl noodles smile illuminating as heavenly peach, a pair of water hyacinth looked at the Hushanhushan.Dingsheng Jiang look is very sorry, drugs leave -end.Girl came up and asked: big brother, you do not know what ingredients are in this plaster?Dingsheng Jiang quoted a Chinese angelica, frankincense, safflower, Speranskia.The girl nodded, yes, seems to be leaving a shortfall of two herbs.Dingsheng Jiang was about to ask, the girl turned away.  See the girl to run away, other spectators crowded round, he rushes to the girl he said: Ye Xiangmei, recently took over the Winsor pharmacy from his father passed away.Ye father was wounded on the outskirts of Jinpingshan murderous mountain bandits Wu VIII died.Winsor, when her father more than a doctor in charge of the poor to take care of, can take over after Yexiang Mei on drug prices rose sharply.Ye also said the girl after her treatment before patients and if they find other doctors, she is not to cure the words.It has been Winsor treatment, it just leaves the presence of the girl, who did not dare to try your FREE plaster.Dingsheng Jiang asked Winsor effective drug treatment for low back pain do people have said good results.Dingsheng Jiang asked to know what medicine it is used?People shook his head, said Winsor, doctor’s prescriptions are routed directly to people’s halls fill a prescription, outsiders can not see.Dingsheng Jiang said: you still find Ye girls rule, I go somewhere else to sell drugs.  He was out of town the door, is contemplating where to go, was shot at the back, Hey, you give the medicine to treat illnesses incomplete, it is not afraid of lawsuits?Dingsheng Jiang see is Yexiang Mei, Baoquan salute: ancestors, although small can practice, but small can into a solitary childhood, read only a few of this ancestral medical books, plaster of ancestral poorly understood.This is the missing ingredient in the drug, but also look exhibitions girl.Ye Xiangmei hum: you think too simple, and I have to rely on the sale of drugs to eat, recipe how easily successor.Dingsheng Jiang breathing somewhat rough, and asked: God the girl drugs, and tyrants patient, I left the sea state is that you come after me for even?Yexiang Mei suddenly change color: I tyrants patient how the matter!I do things my own truth.You have to dare to leave the sea state, I would tell you to sell counterfeit official.You have a good, I no match for you, waiting to starve to death good.Yexiang Mei Hu laugh, ha ha, a big man waiting to starve to death, people laugh.Lack of medicine you do not use your head to find it?Then, swiftly ran.  Dingsheng Jiang thought: What the hell ghost girl in the end?Let me find a lack of medicine, also her Winsor has ah.He returned to the city, find Winsor, mixed with the crowd to see a doctor, pharmacy backyard Moxiang Aogao.Was about to open the back door, his head flicker a bit, people steal secret, yet this does not become a thief?He hesitated and retreated..At this time, the door came the sound of quarreling.Through the door, see a Pentecostal old man furious roar land for Yexiang Mei, said to open the medicine does not fucking matter.He did not dare to listen, slipped out of the Winsor.  He was in the street parades, Suddenly he heard someone call him, see you later Yexiang Mei is just quarrel with the old man.Jiang old man introduced himself into the column, due to low back pain for many years to treat Winsor.Father has given most of the leaves cure, treatment can turn to when Yexiang Mei alive to die, not to mention drug prices, said to open the medicine did not effect.Dingsheng Jiang surprised that people say is valid, how you did it effect.Kang Sung-chu said who knows ah, anyway, never find Yexiang Mei, you would believe a doctor Ding.He said thank doctors Drink wine, Dingsheng Jiang pulled into the pub.He happily drinking, and speak about healing experience, drunk sleep.Dingsheng Jiang sat for a while, to himself: What a generous man ah, this disease is to be drunk can not see myself.He actively look for a home stay inn.  The next day, Dingsheng Jiang went out and bought some herbs, come back to the store by copper pots that is the ancestral plaster damp fails to boil drugs.This juncture, ginger into the column got treatment, Dingsheng Jiang check his waist, he brewed up a plaster dressing his waist.  After some days, Kang Sung column came Rangjiao, said the plaster back pain spend the whole good, it feels like the same guy back full strength.He tossed Dingsheng Jiang 22 silver, Dingsheng Jiang took like a hot potato, and hurriedly handed back, say to ten bits is enough.  Later, there are a lot of low back pain patients to seek drugs.Dingsheng Jiang careful examination for each patient, according to the disease treated and subtraction formula, or a patient received only ten bits.Dingsheng Jiang became famous, more and more people seeking treatment, he was all day long admissions.  Suddenly one day, Ye Xiangmei door howling: Danzaibuxiao ah, Ganqiang business of Winsor!Dingsheng Jiang hung his head not out of the atmosphere.And other Yexiang Mei roar tired breathing, he was timid authentic: I think I’ll go away now.Ye Xiangmei fists beating the table, what, you want to be faint-hearted?I do not become Jixianduneng, medical Pa bullying yet?I can not let those patients with spittle stars drown?To what end heart!Then how can I do?You can figure!Having stormed away.  The next day, a middle-aged man wearing a silk door, threw a jingling bag, said he was provincial drug dealers, had the same Winsor have long-term business dealings, drug prices rose recently Winsor, trafficking Winsor medicine has been unprofitable.He heard the young doctor Dingsheng Jiang low back pain plaster magical, Temu name in the street to seek cooperation.This is just one hundred and twenty gift, if they agree to take prescription pharmaceutical workshop opened with his partner, a large plaster brewed for sale, he offered me an annual salary twelve hundred.  Looking at the bird quickly explode silver bags, Dingsheng Jiang eyes shine: That prescription worth so much money, let me suddenly become wealthy?But I can not, because the drug dealers smiling and said: Young man, do not over-modest thing.Your things I have heard, though you are new to the sea state, but many patients get the recognition and praise, it shows your ethics and medicine are superior to others.I’m looking for just such a partner you.Dingsheng Jiang eyes dim, said: However, that prescription is my time, and a lot of ginger into a pillar of patients came in, we cooperate with drug dealers egg on Dingsheng Jiang fortune.Door and go past Ye Xiangmei figure, close the door peeping.Dingsheng Jiang met her eyes panic, his face sweating.Suddenly, his teeth to blurt out: it was stolen I prescription!The presence of people are all stunned, silent.  Dingsheng Jiang lift sleeve wiping the sweat of his face, revealed the origins of prescription.It turned out that day Kang Sung column please him passed out after drinking, recites a nonsense, is still the doctor’s topic: Before he went to fill a prescription Winsor, who take turns to fill a prescription medicine prescription peep.His mind so that, at a glance the whole remember.That prescription will break the case, but is angelica, frankincense, safflower, Speranskia, and what was it?Yes, there are Clematis and Drynaria.  At that time, Dingsheng Jiang listened to my heart racing.Clematis and Drynaria, two herb is not in their own plaster.Yexiang Mei said he plaster missing two herbs, not that both taste it?The two added flavor, their own ancestral plaster perhaps a significant increase in efficacy.Haha, must come not a waste of effort, this is sent home, not steal it.But, this prescription into a column with ginger why it did not effect?Perhaps Yexiang Mei dose not open it.In this case, as their condition by Kang column addition and subtraction with some dose of this prescription drug he used to, how to test the efficacy of this remedy in the end.The next day, he began to make money with this prescription pharmaceuticals.