Pediment Villa

I told Holmes have not seen time around, he suddenly came to me that day in the morning, so I have some unexpected.But leaving my surprise, Holmes sat down shortly after it broke into a strange guests.The man was tall, wearing some funny, a gray plaid suit with a red tie orange.Muscles of the face tangled, eyes fly from the fire, it seemed to be the same as Zouren.  Who of you is Sherlock Holmes?He asked fiercely.  Holmes calmly raised his pipe.  You are Sherlock Holmes.Listen, do not interfere, others do have to let people control their own.Understand?  Oh, interesting, please go on.  You find interesting?The man shouted, so I hit you, you do not feel funny.Deal with people like you, you have to use this.He raised his fist in front of Holmes shaking a couple.  Look at this big fist, it is born or the day after tomorrow excel at this?Holmes is not the slightest fear.  The man probably be Sherlock Holmes to calm scared, or is in my hand poker to scare, in short, his attitude is not so domineering a.Mr. Holmes, anyway, I have warned you.One of my friends do for Harrow there are interested, you do not intervene, otherwise I rude to you.  Steve Dixie you call it, that boxing.I always wanted to meet you, but I do not like your body kind of taste, so will not keep you.Said Holmes..  You know me?That the best.Do not force me to sell.  By the way, how about this bar Holstein case, you kill that boy called Perkins.Holmes spoke slowly.  The man heard this, suddenly stepped back, do not look: what Perkins, I do not know.When he died, I am training it.  Steve, I have been concerned about an unusual relationship between you and Barney Stockdale’s.  God, ah, Mr. Holmes, I’m fine, do not say this.So I want you to say when you find.  Well sir, you do not mind my impulsive behavior today it?  Who told you to tell me, I can not care about.  Bet you do, what you say man.  And who then ordered his?  That I do not know.He just said to me: “Steve, you go tell Holmes, if he was going to Harrow, there is fear for their lives.”In this way, everyone I know about the.Then, Steve running for the door, came as quickly as.  What exactly is going on?He is doing?I ask.  Watson, I simply point to tell you.He is a bully John Spencer gangs, most recently with a number of illegal activities related to.I will deal with these later.In fact, he was a coward empty head, but his boss Barney is a cunning guy.They often do some stress, things like attacks.I wanted to know is that in the end they come under someone’s instigation.  They can threaten you doing?  That’s what I’m here to talk to you about things Harrow forest case.You see, this is a letter I received yesterday, Mrs. Mai Boli sent.  I took the letterhead read: Mr. Holmes: I recently met a lot of strange things, told me about the house, I hope you can help me.If you can come tomorrow, then I will be waiting for the whole family.I live near Harrow station, the address is gable Hill, Harrow forest.I think you must know my dead husband Mai Boli, who is your former customers.  Marie Mai Boli Come on, you have time, we leave immediately.  From London to Villa gables and not far.We went to the place to visit after Mrs. Mai Boli, she really elegant woman, both wearing, or conversation, there are so self-cultivation.  I remember your husband.  Then you are very familiar with the fishes my son Douglas.  You are the mother of Douglas Mai Boli?The whole of London who do not know him.He’s a handsome man, now how about?  he died.He died in Rome last month, suffering from pneumonia.He is a counselor in Rome.  It was so unexpected, and he is so strong.  It was so unexpected, and perhaps you simply can not imagine how he was to become emaciated, with just a different person before.  A woman’s sake?  It is a devil.Well, I’m not here about that you want to talk about my son.  Please speak, in the end what happened.  Really strange things.After I moved here, longing for quiet life, so rarely go out, nor dealings with the neighbors here.One day, a man claiming to be the real estate business came to me, saying that his employer wants to buy the house, the price is good to discuss.I am very surprised, I am surrounded by many houses in the sale, why pick in this building.Well, I do not want them, he said, the price of a good discussion, I will set a high price, we want to make some money.The high price of five hundred pounds more than I buy a house price.The next day, he said his employer can accept this price, but still want the money to buy my furniture.You see, my furniture are all fine furniture, I brought from home.I think that is also not a bad idea to earn, and again out of a relatively high price.Unexpectedly, he promised.  Yesterday, he took me to sign contracts.Fortunately, I have more in mind, the contract to my lawyer looked.My lawyer told me that if I sign it, so I can not take this house just about anything, including my personal items.Last night, I told the real estate agent, I sell furniture and houses, do not sell anything else.He said, his main care is to buy everything.I asked him how to do my personal belongings, such as clothes, jewelry or something.He said that personal items to go through the examination to take away.He added that his employer was a cantankerous man, either to buy all, or do not buy.I find it very strange, just like he said I do not sell.Things shelved, I am particularly worried wife Mai Boli if not finished, Holmes suddenly stood up and opened the door of a room, a tall, thin woman uncovered from inside.  let me go.The woman screamed..  Susan, what are you doing?Asked Mrs. Mai Boli.  Madam, I would like to ask the guests will stay for dinner.  Is that right?You spent five minutes at the door.You’re obviously a little nervous, it seems not suitable for this kind of work.  who are you?I grabbed what?  Mrs. Mai Boli, people know you wrote to me to do it?  No.  Who sent the letter?  Susan.  Ok.Susan, who you tell your wife wrote me a?  What are you talking about, I did not tell anyone.  Susan, lying is not good for you.Who had told you in the end?  Mrs. Mai Boli then angrily shouted: I think of it.Susan, you were over the fence with a man spoken.  People are talking to you in the bar, Susan?  You know, I was asked to do.  So tell me, who directs within Pakistan.If you tell me, you will get ten pounds reward.  Ah, that person can give one hundred ten pounds.  So, it is a very wealthy man.Holmes saw Susan disdain smile, you laugh, proof is not a rich man, but a wealthy woman.If you tell me that you can now get ten pounds.  I’d rather see you dead!Susan said fiercely.  Susan, what are you talking.Exclaimed Mrs. Mai Boli.  I quit.Susan shouting out.  It seems Group within Pakistan where I was afraid to intervene in this matter.  They want to do in the end?  This is my investigation of.Mrs. Mai Boli, who was previously the house?  Fuluo Sen, a retired Navy captain.  He has a special place it?  Not heard.  I thought he was buried here in what valuables, they can buy your furniture.Your own stuff is not what precious things, Mrs. Mai Boli?  My family is the most valuable set of royal tea Derby.  A tea set so launching a campaign apparently will not let them.I think it must be some family you do not even know precious things.  What do you think is?I ask.  Watson, we have to analyze.Mrs. Mai Boli, you live in such a long time, before this happened, someone asked you for something you?  No.  This shows that this thing is only recently in the house of.I say.  Yes, Watson.Mrs. Mai Boli, recently you bought anything yet?  No, sir.  How about your lawyer?  Mr. Su Teluo very capable.  Do you have only one maid?  There is also a maid, smaller than some of Susan.  I think you need to ask Mr. Su Teluo to stay for a few nights to protect your safety, we try and find some clues.By the way, the so-called real estate businessman give you leave contact information yet?  Yes, he left a business card.Haynes Johnson, antique dealers.  Holmes a note of their contact details, call on me to leave with.Just out of time, Holmes saw the door a few parcels are sent from Italy.Mrs. Mai Boli said that her son Douglas things, not unpacking.There is probably some of the salary, bonus or something.Mrs. Mai Boli, quickly put these parcels get your bedroom apart to see what is inside, I see the results tomorrow.Remember, Mr. Su Teluo stay with you.  The next morning, Holmes came to me, saying that Mrs. Mai Boli home stolen.When we arrived at her home, which is full of police.Mrs. Mai Boli look of guilt, said she did not ask Su Teluo the night, Holmes knew should listen to warnings.She also told us that someone entered the room with her fans dizzy, so when she woke up, and that the thieves had not gone, the boxes are turned Douglas.She instinctively jumped, I was immediately struck down.Later, she worked grabbed half a note from the hands of thieves, the above is Douglas’s handwriting.  Holmes and I looked at that piece of paper that says incomplete: his face was still bleeding, but when he saw her face filled with indifference when, how blood can face comparable blood heart.He looked at her, she smiled, she was actually laughing, like a soulless demon.At that moment, the love is gone, hate born.People are always thinking about the purpose of living.Girl, his goal was not to embrace you, to destroy you is.  This strange grammar is curious, not inside me, only he.After reading Sherlock Holmes, with his wife Mai Boli account of a few, he called me to see a man named Isadora Klein woman.I do not know this woman, but I know that she is behind this incident.  Watson, you do not have the impression that this woman?She’s in London notoriously beautiful women, descendants of the Spanish royal family, the wealthy wife Klein.Klein’s death, she became the youngest beautiful and wealthy widow.Her natural sensuality, while having an affair with a lot of men, Douglas is one of the.But Douglas with those playboy different, he really love Isadora, willing to give up everything for her.But she is not such a person, she is like a novel written as cold beauty, after needs are met, they immediately dumped Douglas.  Kazakhstan, then part of the text is Douglas wrote his novels, and he and Isadora is a novel in which the hero prototype.  That’s it.  We soon arrived at our destination, a luxury apartment located in London’s West End.Initially, the hostess and we do not want comments.After she saw Holmes handed the janitor a note, we immediately asked to see it.  What you write on the note?  Let the police handle?  Ha, you’re a weird guy, so I have more than once praised you, right!  We saw Isadora, it really is the tracks you lived beauty.  Sir, why are you trying to find fault with me?She asked Holmes.  Are you forced me to do this, because you sent punks sparked my interest.  I do not know what you’re talking about, Mr..  Well, then goodbye.Holmes turned to leave.  Where did you go?She quickly asked.  Scotland Yard.  Well, we talk about, gentlemen.Her attitude suddenly softened, Barney and his wife Susan are my people.  I know.You should know the purpose of my coming.  Sir, you are a gentleman, you do not want to expose a woman’s privacy.  Then you put the manuscript back to me.  Isadora gracefully stood up, walked over to the fireplace, pointing to a pile of charred stuff, smiled and said: You say that these do?  Then you went too far, and this can not blame me.  You’re going to expose me?She was a little nervous, I can tell you the whole thing.  I think not, I can even tell you to listen in turn.  You have to stand on my position look at this thing, I just want to protect themselves.  But you itself is wrong body.  I admit that I did wrong something.Douglas really cute, but he asked too much, and he asked me to marry.I can not marry a penniless civilians.But he do not recognize this, insisting I pay.I can only let him awake as soon as possible.  So you let the rogue beating him up.  Yes.But he did not sober, but our story written manuscript, also his written as a lamb, and I like a wolf.Although the novel using a pseudonym, but the London man to see that this is how it.  He did not break the law, it is his right.  He too cruel, after finishing sent a copy to me, let me tortured.He said that should give the original publisher.  You know how the manuscript to a publisher yet?  Because I know his publisher, it was not his first novel.I decided to get back the original, it can not publish.I sent Susan to monitor Mrs. Mai Boli, and invited people to talk to Mrs. Mai Boli things to talk about to buy a house.I wish her all the higher price.I did not want to do, but I have to protect yourself.  Ok.It seems I have to be staged again as long as the compensation for non-prosecution of the old drama.Miss, you have to change in the new environment for his wife Mai Boli.This is you have to do.  Five thousand pounds enough for you?  I have seen enough.  She signed a check to Sherlock Holmes.Before leaving Holmes told her: Do not play with fire Played, burning himself on the bad.